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Downloading your designs:

You can download your designs from your download center. Log in and choose “Downloads” from “My Account”. You will also receive an email with direct links. If you are denied access to your downloads, please let me know.


Stitching Problems

 Gaps, Misalignment and Puckering:

 Using the proper fabric and stabilizer for your project is very important. Gaps between sections of the design, misalignment or puckering can be the fault of using the wrong stabilizer for your chosen fabric, using fabric that is too light, or problems with hooping.
Try decreasing the tension a little if you encounter puckering.
Note: Most of my designs are digitized for medium weight woven fabrics but can used on lighter weight wovens and knits with proper stabilizers.
Color changes:
Where do I find the color change sheets?
Every design comes with a color change and detail sheet. You can also download from the product page if needed. Refer to this sheet when you load the design onto your machine.
Why does my machine shows a different number of color changes?
If your machine shows a different number of color changes than your detail sheet, you will need to figure out why. First, make sure you have the right color sheet for the design. If that isn’t the answer it is time to look at the software.
Sometimes embroidery software programs can do odd things with color changes. They can merge colors together, alter them just a little, or mix them crazily. Check to see if adjacent colors have been merged together somewhere.
Why do design colors look strange on my machine?
Each format has their own embedded color palette. DST doesn’t retain any color information and so color changes are assigned to a basic palette with no regard to what the original color was digitized as. For that format you must use the detail sheet to match colors to change order. Other formats are usually more closely aligned.
Become familiar with the limitations of your machine, your software and your format.
Missing stitches:
If your software or sewout shows large gaps in the design where there should be stitches, it may be an issue with your machine settings. Commercial machines, and many home embroidery machines, have trim settings that tell the machine what length of stitch should be considered a jump stitch or a trim. It is recommended that stitches be no longer than 10mm, but many machine don’t like stitches longer than 8mm and will skip them. If this happens, please let me know and heck your user manual for information on whether your machine has adjustable settings.

Helpful Links


Embroidery Library  -  They have some of the best pages I have seen.  If you can't find an answer to your problem here, you might find it there.  Be sure to check out their designs too.  



Don’t hesitate to let me know if you are encountering problems.