African Grey ornament..


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African Grey Ornament

Size: 3.73“x 3.93”
Stitch Count: 23424
Color Changes: 11


Designed to be stitched in the hoop, this ornament is easy to make. Simply hoop a fabric style wash-away stabilizer, and stitch away. Use some hologram thread to add some sparkle to your project.


  • 2 design files are included, 1 completely freestanding, and 1 with an applique approach allowing more options for personalizing the back of your ornament.


About the African Grey Parrot

These are the largest parrots of the African Rainforest, and come in 2 species. The Congo is the larger of the two species and it is usually a much lighter grey, with a bright red tail and a black beak. The Timneh, in contrast, is smaller, dark grey with a maroon tail, and its upper beak is largely horn colored instead of black. Both species are extremely intelligent birds with an incredible capacity to both speak and understand human language.