Pearl Cockatiel Lg


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Cockatiels are the smallest member of the Cockatoo family native to Australia, and have become very popular pets. The normal color of a wild cockatiel is gray and yellow, with white on the edges of the wings, and orange cheeks. Males have bright yellow faces, and a solid gray under tail. Females have faces which are primarily a light gray with only a little yellow, and the orange on the cheeks is more muted. Females also have light yellow bars on the underside of their tail.

Many other colors have been developed by breeders.  Some are color mutations, and some are pattern mutations.  The Pearl mutation is a pattern mutation resulting in feathers on the back, nape and wings edged with white or yellow, like scallops.  While both males and females are affected by this mutation, males tend to lose their scalloped appearance, becoming more faint with each molt.  

Pearl Cockatiel Design for the Hoop 5x7

3.29“x 6.68"
14497 Stitches
12 colors



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