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Embroidery projects from stitchers around the world. Get inspiration for your own embroidery projects here.


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Easter Outfit

Dinosaur Vest

Autumn Ferret Shirt

Cougar Shirt

Barbie Rose Dress

Halloween Treat Bag

Thread Spools

Moluccan Pullover

Sunflower Mat

Love Wallhanging

Red-lored Amazon Shirt

Lots of Shirts

Mystical Banners

Pacific Parrotlet Vest

African Grey Quilt

Shower Caddy

Ferret Gift Bags

Birthday Party

Easter Bib

Patriotic Boy

Patriotic Bib

Happy Halloween
Caique Stockings
Ferret Gift Basket

African Grey Clock

Little Chicks

Trick or Treat Quilt

Just Bats Quilt

She's Going to the Fair

Rabbit shirt

Witch Shoe Wallhanging

Jacobean Flower Shirt

Valentine Gift Bags

One Lucky Shirt

Mommy's Little Sweetheart

Bunny Rabbits and Carrots

Parrot Towels



Kitty Shirt

Valentine Gift Bags

 Parrot Vest

Silk Shoe Pillow

Halloween Treat Bag 
Parrot Stocking

Griffin Tunic

Wizard Hat