Animal Rescue Organizations

A lot of my designs are of animals.  Animals have been and are a very important part of my life.   I have worked with a lot of the animals you will see as designs on my website.  If you are looking for a rescue organization to support,  there are a number of them that I particularly like. 
It  is important to me that the organizations I support are what they appear to be, and spend the resources they receive on actual animal rescue and care.  Local shelters are the best one's to support.  National organizations like Humane Society of the United States are not animal rescue organizations, but animal rights organizations.  Their resources are predominantly used for political gain.  Very little actually goes to  animal welfare, and despite the name, they do not suport local "Humane Societies" in any way.  
Some of  my local favorites:
Footprints Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

I have a lot of personal experience with this 501c organization.  They are always in need of donations for supplies and veterinary care.  

You can donate here:

Thru Venmo: to KathiArtus@Footprints

Thru Paypal:

You can also donate directly to Evergreen Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital for veterinary supplies and costs.  Just let the receptionist know you want to make a donation for Kathi Artus


Zasu's House Parrot Sanctuary

Macaw Rescue and Sanctuary

This is a sanctuary I have personally visited. They house a lot of different types of birds, not just macaws.