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The Budgie (Parakeet)

2.97" x 3.90"
75.52mm x 99.09mm
6068 Stitches
16 Color Changes


About Budgies

The Budgie (Budgerigar) is also commonly known as a Parakeet (they are not, however true Parakeets).

Budgies are small parrots native to Australia and have become very popular pets. The wildtype color is green and yellow, but many other colors have been developed by breeders. There are instructions for 3 color variations included with this design, but many others are possible. Males and females can be distinguished easily from the color of their cere (the area above the beak where the nostril are located). Mature males have a blue cere, and mature females have a brown cere.


Product Includes:


Color/Thread Charts for 3 color variations.